COVID-19 Landlord & Tenant Tips

By: Beacon Real Estate Team

COVID-19 Landlord & Tenant Tips

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In light of COVID-19 and the financial impact that is starting to occur, we’ve had a number of questions from both Landlords and Tenants on how they should be responding to one another. Tenants are concerned about paying rent if they are off work and landlords are concerned about covering their financial obligations if rent isn’t received.
To help get through these unchartered times, we’ve put together the below recommendations gathered from both landlord and tenant groups. We will continue to update this page as things progress, so do feel free to message us at if you have any tips to include.
Disclosure: Please remember we offer these tips based on suggestions we are seeing, you need to ensure you are getting the proper legal, financial or other advice for your own situation.

Landlord Tips   
Tenant Tips  
At the end of the day, landlords and tenants need to work together. Everyone is in the same boat and trying to stay afloat in a world we never thought we would need to. Speak to one another openly and honestly. Threats of a rent payment strike for the sake of it or of eviction for failure to pay rent will make things worse for everyone when this pandemic is over.
Remember to manage your own mental and physical health. There will be both tenants and landlords who are going to be extremely strained by what is happening. Have compassion for one another and put each other’s health and well-being above all else.
If we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We likely won’t have all the answers, but we will certainly help you find them.
Stay safe!

Beacon Team
Economic Response Plan Resources  
NOTE: the emergency care benefit form won’t be available until April, but those qualifying for regular Employment Insurance (EI), can apply here
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