Five Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space This Summer

By: Beacon Real Estate Team

Five Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space This Summer

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With the summer and warm weather in full swing, many are preparing their outdoor spaces for the season. With a limited summer, buyers and renters alike place an incredible amount of value on a property’s outdoor space. Not only can a unique and aesthetically pleasing patio or yard increase the value of a property, it can also be the key feature that sets your home apart. We’ve put together five quick and easy ways for people to step up their outdoor game, and add potential value to their property.

  1. Reduce the maintenance - While enjoying the summer months, the last thing anyone wants to do is keep up with the maintenance of their yards or patios. We recommend minimizing grass, by replacing with artificial grass, mulch or ground cover (ie. myrtle or moss that can be walked on), which in addition can help with water preservation. We also suggest increasing patios or walkways and planting evergreen trees, that can keep up appearances over the winter months.
  2. Extend the seasons - Maximizing the seasons is extremely important for anyone living in Canada, which is why you should include heat sources like electric heaters and fireplaces in your outdoor space. Incorporating umbrellas, canopies and awnings can also help protect from potential weather that may disrupt the enjoyment of the space. Don’t forget to purchase waterproof, sun-resistant and durable furniture that can be left outside (or easily covered up) during rain, or the winter months.
  3. Make it entertainment ready - An outdoor space should feel like an extension of the indoors. Buying furniture and accessories that are appropriate in size can help make a space feel complete. Consider creating conversation areas in larger spaces (sectional furniture can be great for rearranging your set up), and in smaller spaces remember that less is more. Installing an outdoor bar or sink can also add value to the space. Consider stashing a set of outdoor glasses and dishes close by to avoid running in and out of the house. Don’t forget about music - buy solar or wireless speakers to keep the atmosphere upbeat while entertaining.
  4. Add some water - The soothing and tranquil addition of water can help make a home’s outdoor space into a private oasis away from the sounds of the city. For larger spaces, consider a water wall feature or fountain - or splurge for a crowd-pleasing hot tub. For smaller spaces, look for plug-in features that are mobile and easy to maintain.
  5. Pop of colour - Using calm and neutral tones that transition from day to night is best for larger furniture pieces, but be sure to add a pop of colour in your decor. Complementing the space with accent pillows and a selection of flowers or greenery can elevate your outdoor area tremendously. Keep in mind privacy from neighbours and look for opportunities to install outdoor curtains, trees or trellises. We also recommend installing colour-changing solar LED lights that can be left out during the winter months.

With all of these tips, be sure to check with local by-laws to ensure everything is compliant; particularly with structures, heating or plumbing.

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