Buyer Pre-Closing Checklist

Closing day is a milestone for both the Buyer and Seller of a home. To make it go as smoothly as possible, it's important to ensure you are properly prepared. Below is a short checklist of items to be aware of as a Buyer prior your closing. 

 Identify and select a lawyer 

 If you rent, give notice to your landlord. Generally, notice is 60 days minimum but may be longer if you are in a term lease

 Obtain insurance coverage for your new home at least two (2) weeks before the closing date and ask your insurer or broker to fax an insurance binder (a one-page info sheet confirming your policy, etc.) to your lawyer  

 Contact your Lender or Mortgage Broker and have them finalize your mortgage approval documents – they may require additional documents from you to finalize. Have your lawyer review before you sign  

 Confirm with your lawyer what utilities they will notify on your behalf. They might transfer/set-up essential utilities like hydro and water, but you'll have to contact telephone and cable companies as well as other institutions you do business with. This should be done a few weeks prior to closing 

 Book your movers at the earliest for 6:00 pm on the day of closing, BUT preferably for the next day as there is no guarantee you will obtain the keys to your new house prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day of closing. If a condo, contact property management to coordinate move and book elevator  

 Obtain a bank draft or certified cheque for the closing funds (final amount required to purchase your new home). Your lawyer will provide you with the figure a few days before you meet them

 Attend your lawyer’s office one or two days before closing, bring the closing funds and two pieces of ID (one with a picture, not a health card) 

Pick up keys at your lawyer’s office on the day of closing when they notify you that the home has been transferred to you (usually between noon and 5 p.m.)

 Notify relevant institutions of your new address i.e bank, credit cards, insurance, cell phone, drivers license etc. You may also want to consider Canada Post mail forwarding service
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