Certified Resale Home

What is Certified Resale Home (CRH)?  Certified Resale Home is a product provided by First Canadian Title, providing a simple way to make your home stand out in the market and create a stress-free experience for both sellers and buyers.  CRH combines a comprehensive pre-listing home inspection with an 18-month warranty* for the major home inspection blind spots (Roof, Heating, Cooling, Foundation, and options for Swimming Pools & Septic Tanks) and a seamless client-focused claim process. 

In most cases, Beacon Team will cover the cost of this product for our resale clients as it is a true ‘value add’ service that aligns with our belief in a full-service experience and helps further differentiate our listings from others on the market.
Benefits to Seller
  • Avoid surprises that can kill or delay a deal with the home inspection; allowing us to get in front of any inspection issues and level-set expectations/items requiring remedying before going to market (which could lead potential buyers suggesting price reductions)
  • Differentiate your home in the marketplace 
  • Attract more Buyers, particularly on properties geared for multiple offers which may lead to more firm offers and buyers willing to pay more knowing the home has coverage on items that can otherwise be ‘budget busters’ if they require repairs or replacement
Benefits to Buyers
  • Higher Buyer confidence; giving them 18 months on the top 4 items that typically go wrong with homes in the first year of ownership; allowing experience in all 4 seasons where seasonal issues may arise
  • Confidence in the home inspection as it’s managed by FCT and Amerispec; two reputable organizations, alleviating the worry of inspections which may be biased to the Seller
  • Reduces Buyer need to submit offers conditional on home inspections 
If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future contact us to get more information about this program.  Selling your home without Certified Resale Home could leave thousands of dollars on the table.
General Coverage Information*
  • The maximum coverage is $20,000 and its duration is 18 months from the date of the home inspection.  This period was chosen as it allows for the listing period and at least all 4 seasons.  The seller has the benefit of it during the listing process and upon closing it transfers (automatically – there is no need for any formal assignment, we track its duration) to the buyer – offering risk mitigation across the homeownership lifecycle.
  • CRH is a great way to protect everyone’s interests!  A pre-listing home inspection provides detailed information on the home before listing, so as to avoid surprises that can kill a deal and potentially hand you a lawsuit.  Greater transparency and information allows all the parties to make informed decisions.  The warranty provides 'back up' for items that are considered 'blind spots' and as such are difficult for the inspector to give an opinion on, for one reason or another.  
More information on the Certified Resale Home can be found on their website thecertifiedresalehome.ca 
*Some conditions apply by Insurer.
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