Showing Preparation Checklist

It's important to make sure that your home will make a fantastic first impression when shown to potential Buyers. To help, we've compiled our best tips and tricks into the list below to make sure your home is always showing ready! It's best (if possible) that you take showing times to go shopping, out to dinner or to run errands since Buyers are generally more comfortable when the homeowner isn't home. 

 Turn on all of the lights in your home, including table lamps and the basement lights
 Open curtains and blinds to let natural light in
 Open doors between rooms to make your home feel more open
 Dust, sweep and/or vacuum the whole house
 Make sure the house is an inviting temperature (in summer run AC, in winter turn heat up)

 All cabinets are closed
 No dirty dishes/clutter in sinks and on counters
 Wipe all counters, sinks, taps and appliances
    Tip: To get a great shine on your taps and appliances wipe them down with a dry towel/paper towel
 Ensure the dishwasher is empty 
 Empty trash cans and hide them if possible
 If you have a garbage disposal, deodorize with 1/2 a lemon

Living Room/Dining 
 All clutter and personal items removed from living spaces
 Fluff/stage the pillows on your seating

 Make all beds and fluff/stage the pillows
 Remove all clutter from dressers, nightstands 

 Make sure your toilet seats are down and the lids are closed
Wipe all counters, sinks, taps and appliances
 Remove used towels and replace them with fresh ones
 Remove personal care products from the sink, back of toilet and bathtub
 Empty trash cans and hide if possible
 If you have a great shower, open the curtain to show it off!

Laundry Room
 No dirty laundry on display
 No laundry in the washer/dryer
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