About Beacon Real Estate Team

We are a full-time diverse team of real estate professionals leveraging a boutique-style approach focusing on both residential and commercial real estate. Whether you are looking to buy your next home, sell your current one, or looking to real estate as an investment, we have the background and the skills to help make it a smooth and even enjoyable experience!

While we specialize in the core communities of Toronto, we also have experience and work with a team of REALTORS® throughout the broader GTA (and even Muskoka!) to ensure you receive knowledgeable, professional, open-minded service regardless of what area you are looking to move to or invest

Meet The Team

Check out our bios to learn more about each of our unique backgrounds. If you are looking to discuss the Toronto real estate market or work with a real estate professional to review your real estate options– please do not hesitate to contact us!

Philip Kocev
Broker & Managing Partner, iPro Realty Toronto Offices

Nancy Grenier
Sales Representative

Lee Macdonald
Sales Representative

Lorand Sebestyen

Beacon Real Estate Team is proud to work within iPro Realty Ltd., Brokerage, Ontario's Premier Real Estate Brokerage with 14 offices across the GTA and over 1,800 REALTORS® company-wide.

Out & About
Commitment to Inclusion & Sponsorships in the Toronto LGBT+ Communities

Beacon Team is committed to our clients and are proud members and allies of the LGBT+ communities of Toronto and beyond. Our passion is providing professional real estate services inclusive of all individuals who choose to work with us. 

We are also excited to be active members and sponsors of some great organizations and initiatives in the Toronto LGBT+ communities, click here to read more about our involvement!


By: Patricia R

I was referred to Lee by a close friend and I could not have been more pleased with the results. He is so nice and professional, he understood what I needed and was so quick to answer all my questions. He went above and beyond and thanks to him, I got my new home for a fair price.

By: Bruno B.

Finding a home is a painful exhausting journey and having Lee’s support, it became an adventure! Lee made it easy and fun. I could find a safe haven to call home. I am very thankful to you, Lee for the support and professionalism.

By: Elias & Mica

My partner and I were looking for our first apartment together and ended up finding what feels like a forever home, thanks to Lee. When he showed us the space for the first time, it felt like he was welcoming us home. Lee is a uniquely kind individual, and clear cared deeply about our comfort throughout the process of renting our new unit. We saw the space, sent in the rental application and signed our lease in less then 24 hours – and it was because Lee made it possible. We’re extremely grateful for how easy and understandable (and weirdly enjoyable?) he made the rental process seem in the crazy Toronto market.

By: Michelle Santucci

I was really nervous about entering the housing market, but when I started working with this team, my anxiety slowly turned to excitement. Even before we started looking at condos, we met with Philip, Lorand and Lee to discuss the process, contracts and the different costs associated with buying our first property. They listened to all our concerns, what we were looking for in a condo and answered our thousand questions. When we started looking at properties, Lorand took us to many properties and discussed the pros and cons of each with the knowledge associated with the love of the real estate market and years of experience. He helped us secure our first choice condo and we couldn't be more grateful to have been working with him. My husband and I will absolutely be contacting Lorand and the iPro Realty team when we look for our second home.

By: Matt F

Over the years the trust we have with Philip has extended equally to his team. Philip and the team (including Catherine and Lorand) have guided us through property purchases, a property sale and property leasing (in addition to various other ad-hoc property-related advice/services). The level of attentiveness and diligence has been consistent through each interaction. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with Philip and the team. Most recently we worked with Lorand and Philip on a unique transaction that required an extra level of service and advice from them. The success of the transaction was only possible due to the level of professionalism and effort by Lorand as well as the strong relationship we had originally forged with Philip. Both Lorand and Philip exceeded all expectations.

By: David Paul

I recently purchased a condo in Toronto with the help of Lorand of Beacon Real Estate Team. I am grateful for Lorand's help in leading me the perfect home in the perfect area of town for me. He took all my needs into consideration. A terrific agent to work with.If selling or buying , I would highly recommend contacting Lorand

By: Anton Lunyov

Lee is a real shark, and that's exactly what I needed as a first-time buyer in the post-COVID Toronto market. He has great instincts on where the market is, and he was ready to pounce on the property that I really wanted once he saw an opening. Now that I am sitting comfortably in my new place, I can appreciate how he skillfully navigated the various nuances of downtown Toronto real estate, and got me the result that I wanted.

By: Avery Au

Lorand has helped me rent out my Toronto condo twice over the last 18 months and I've been highly satisfied with his services. His work is prompt and efficient and he always takes time to thoroughly address my questions and concerns. I've greatly benefited from his expertise and experience in the Toronto market when he's advised me on key decisions like screening tenants, pricing/listing, and repairs. My experience working with him has been seamless and has made my life much easier - I would recommend his services unreservedly.

By: Misha Migo

As a first time home buyer, we couldn't have been in better hands with Lorand and Philip. They walked us through the process and were especially patient with answering the thousands of questions we had. We found our dream home thanks to them.

By: Elias & Mica

My partner and I were looking for our first apartment together and ended up finding what feels like a forever home, thanks to Lee. When he showed us the space for the first time, it felt like he was welcoming us home. He gave us as much time as we wanted to explore the beautiful unit (which was a lot) and answered any and all questions we had (which were many). In less than a day, Lee consolidated the 100 disparate emails we sent with our identification, work documents and pay stubs into a rental application with minimal input from our end, and constant availability on his. He was ready at all times to get on the phone with us and chat about any questions we had in our rental application or lease (or just to recommend bike routes in the area). Lee is a uniquely kind individual, and clearly cared deeply about our comfort throughout the process of renting our new unit. We saw the space, sent in the rental application, and signed our lease in less than 24 hours — and it was all because Lee made it possible. We’re extremely grateful for how easy and understandable (and weirdly enjoyable?) he made the rental process seem in the crazy Toronto market

By: Aren

Lee was incredibly helpful in the journey of finding my first place. He took into account all my requirements and the place I ended up with exceeded all my expectations. Finding an agent you trust and who can do the necessary work is rare, and working with one who does it all with a smile on their face, with your best intentions at heart, is Lee. Grateful for his dedication, hard work and patience throughout the process. Thank you Lee!!

By: Rhonda Nemeth

This was the fourth property sale for me, and I thought I knew what a real estate agent was all about, but Lorand and Philip went well beyond my expectations. Right from the beginning I knew this was going to be a different experience as they took much time to understand the situation I was facing and to determine the best course of action. I resided quite a distance from the property being sold, and there were renters in the property, so I thought this was going to be an incredibly stressful experience, but Lorand took charge of everything. Lorand was attentive to all details, large and small, and was proactive in managing all of them. He set clear goals and worked on them with patience and diligence, and with the utmost professionalism. I was surprised how little work I put into the process, myself, and very grateful for that. Truly, I could not have imagined this sale would have proceeded as smoothly as it did, and I do not believe it would have without the Beacon Team, especially Lorand. In my opinion, the Beacon Team sets a very high bar for the profession.

By: Connor Ladly-Fredeen

I had the pleasure of working for nearly a year (2020-2021) with Lorand looking to purchase a condo in Toronto. Lorand was with me every step of the way from deciding what I was looking for through to the closing. Throughout the time I cannot speak highly enough of his dedication, knowledge, and genuine care for my experience as a first time buyer. Lorand seems to know every single condo in Toronto and the hidden pitfalls that could come with buying the new property. On numerous occasions he would point out the tiny details I had missed when expressing interest in a unit and was able to quickly see which ones may be of interest that I hadn't noticed. I began the process knowing absolutely nothing about how purchasing a condo worked and I ended the process a confident, knowledgeable and happy buyer thanks to Lorand. Lorand went above and beyond in putting together the deal. He made himself available whenever necessary, and helped me thoroughly inspect all the appliances and fixtures of the unit before closing. Even when there were complications in closing he worked diligently alongside my lawyer and mortgage lender to make sure things could close. I am now in the process of moving in and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Lorand, Philip, and the team and will certainly work with Lorand again in the future!

By: Annu Singh

Dany Waldman helped me buy my first commercial property to run my business. I was totally a novice in terms of buying but Dany made it seamless process. What could have been a horrifying experience turned out to be a very knowledgeable experience. He was a strong pillar of support and was like a mentor who hand held and guided me throughout this difficult process. With his knack of knowledge in terms of real estate and his professional expertise he helped me in purchasing my property. He was always there to listen to my problem, made time to answer my queries and made me feel as the most valued client. Buying any property is an exhausting process and adds an overwhelming list of tasks to an already stretched schedule but his daunting endeavor made the journey smooth. This impeccable service even continued post sale as he made himself available for anything I needed. He had extensive network of contact that I was able to leverage to help me through the process, whether it was finding a lender, lawyer, contractor, accountant or architect. His knowledge of the construction world gave me tips and pointers to proceed. Dany is an amazing person who is very articulate, proficient in his profession skills and understands the pulse of his client. He works for his client giving his 100 percent and goes above and beyond in offering his services to his clients. Thank you Dany, if not for you, this journey would have been very difficult!

By: Sarah Mainprize

The Beacon team helped me recently with the sale of my home in Cabbagetown - I was amazed by the personal touch provided by everyone I worked with. It was a stressful time but the whole team pitched in and just made the whole experience amazing - I know moving is often considered one of the most stressful events in life - but working with this team made it such an enjoyable experience. They took all the worry away. I didn’t have to think about anything! It was actually fun working with them. In the end, the place sold faster than I could have ever imagined and I was thrilled with the offer - I know this was due to all the details that the Beacon Team managed. Thank you to a wonderful group of people! I’d recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Toronto.

By: Charlene Lee

We have worked with the Beacon Real Estate Team for the past 4 years and most recently, I worked with Lorand Sebestyen for the second time to lease a property. Both times, Lorand made this a very easy experience. He is clearly knowledgeable about the market and made some excellent recommendations. But what really sets him apart for me and is truly helpful is his attention to the details and the fact he ensures the entire process is seamless for me from posting to the point when the tenants are ready to move. As new parents and working people, it was super helpful to know we had someone we trust making sure we got the right tenants. I would highly recommend working with Lorand.

By: Charlene Lee and Ryan McElwain

We have been working with Philip and members of his team for our real estate investments for about 3 years now. This is a team that I would highly recommend based on their honestly, integrity, knowledge and exceptional customer service and the fact that, never did we ever feel that their interests were placed ahead of ours. We worked with Philip on the purchase of two of our properties, including our first house. Philip was patient with us as we tried to grapple with the dynamics of the Toronto marketplace and the fact that most houses available were renovations or flips of varying quality. He shared his expertise in home renovations to give us accurate assessments of homes that needed work and used his knowledge to give us his honest opinion on those that appeared “turn-key”, with information that went beyond the type of finishes used. At the time, the market was one where people were waiving conditions and to have someone so knowledgeable working with us was a great asset. Most recently, I worked closely with Lorand to rent an investment property and I would highly recommend Lorand for his expertise in income properties. I had a lot on the go and he made the rental experience simple and straightforward. Lorand is very responsive, knowledgeable and extremely thorough and detail-oriented. Right at the onset, he provided me with the comparables, provided expert advice in setting the rental price and ultimately, the tenants that are there now were due to him making the time to go do a last minute showing on a Saturday evening. I look forward to working with Lorand again next time.

By: Ingrid and Henry

Dany was outstanding! We do not have any experience in the real estate market and Dany not just had the patience to explain how the industry works, but he also took the time to talk with us about all the details involved into this process and slowly we were able to find what we wanted. He always made us feel that our condo search was his priority. He always believed that we would find a place that we could call home and gave us advice without any pressure. His experience in construction makes the perfect combination; pointing out details that we would overlooked otherwise. Going around the city looking for a condo was so much fun that we will miss it. We not only found the best home but also a friend.

By: Karan Bahety

It's been a pleasure working with Philip and his team who helped me with assignment sale of my condo and it was such a hassle-free process for me. They took care of everything and were extremely prompt and proactive in dealing with the builder and the buyers. My fiancé and I then used Lorand's help for buying a house and I must say he made buying a 1st house as less stressful as possible. He was always there to answer our questions, give us tips and keep us up-to-date with the market. A special mention as well to Lorand, as it was because of his proactiveness that we were able to buy the house that we loved and initially thought was out of our price range. I would totally recommend Beacon Team and would love to work with them in the near future.

By: Tony Temple

I had the pleasure of making Nancy's acquaintance when I was looking to make my first real estate purchase. I had a vague idea about what I wanted, Nancy with the patience of a saint, took me on the journey and found me the home of my dreams.. and I made a terrific friend too! She asked the right questions and came up with a solution that I would not have even considered... This lady is pure gold. If I make another real estate venture, I will not even consider doing it without Nancy at my side.

By: Nicholas Terpstra, Timothy Lee and Gemma

Nancy Grenier is the best in the business! We have enjoyed the experience of working with Nancy immensely. She is adaptive and can both guide gently or provide that extra push or strength to get you through the situation and help set your expectations. Nancy is professional, knowledgeable and empathetic, which were key aspects that made our experience such a great one! We couldn't recommend Nancy more! In this shifting landscape of real estate Nancy can get you through and help you with one of the biggest decisions in life all with a smile on her face and the very best personal recommendations! Thanks so much Nancy!

By: Heather M. & Chris L.

Philip worked with us for an extended period to find our new home. Even in this frenzied market, rather than rush us to buy the first house that came up, he very patiently and expertly guided us towards the right area, the right street and eventually making the right offer on the right house for our family. He accompanied us every step of the way, and continued to advise us on issues with the city, renovation choices and so on - even after our purchase was completed! We loved his personal touch, deep expertise and willingness to guide us to the right house at the right price, rather than make a commission at all cost. On the rare occasions when he was unavailable, Kevin took the baton seamslessly and helped without us needing to re-explain everything. We would happily use Philip and his team again and warmly recommend them.

By: Mihaela A. -Toronto

Beacon Team helped me purchase my first investment property, a condo. I was nervous going into the process because I had so many questions! They took the time to answer all my questions, big or small; and never made me feel bad for not knowing. Because of that, I gained more confidence and I knew I could trust them. They led me through the process with calm, professionalism and patience. There were moments when I felt anxious and lost, but they were there at every step of the way- checking in on me, providing support, answers, tips, reminders.

By: Silvia Gonzalez- Zamora: Director, People and Change

Working for a global consulting company, we manage international teams that need to be deployed quickly to provide service to our clients. Recently, we were having a challenge finding corporate executive rentals for over 10 families moving to Toronto in a very short time frame. We tried using individual real estate agents and the service levels were very mixed and our team was not getting any results. So I turned to Beacon Team and they were quickly able to put several resources on the task and immediately provide clarity and comfort to the 10 families. Allowing my team to focus on their work and not to be worried about their leases. Even with many variables at play: pets, kids schools, commutes, transportation, furniture rentals, Philip and his team made it a smooth experience. I was impressed with your diligence, attention to detail, project management, negotiations, response times, and customer service. Speed and results with a fantastic human touch. Thank you! Couldn't have done it without you!

By: Puja Subrun

Lorand and Philip were both incredibly professional and went above and beyond any other real estate brokerage to help me navigate through the complexities of handling multiple real estate transactions at the same time. As a team , they were always on top of everything and very supportive and responsive to any questions I had. For my rental, they helped staged my apartment and quickly found and vetted top quality renter. For my purchase transaction, they were very patient in helping me find a property that would meet my specific needs/criteria including location, pricing, size and style and rentability. Phillip also spent time helping me with the post sales reno design that would help maximize investment potential . They also have an extensive network of contacts that I was able leverage to help me in my renovation project. I enjoyed working with both Philip and Lorand – They helped make a stressful time for me as painless as possible and I would highly recommend them!

By: Andrea & Jeff - KIK Brand Marketing

When my business partner and I decided to buy office space in Toronto, we knew we wanted to work with a group of people who knew the city well and could provide us with the right guidance. After several interviews with selected real estate brokers we chose to work with Beacon Real Estate Team - they seemed knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and flexible. After understanding our needs in detail, Lorand set us up with a range of searches to help us narrow down the type of property we could purchase (there were so many options!). After a few months, we found the perfect opportunity and put in an offer ..... just before the Christmas holidays. Lorand worked hard and was always available to answer our call despite the holidays. He kept the deal moving and worked tirelessly to see it close. Our deal was not an easy one but no matter what obstacle we faced, Lorand and team helped us to get our dream property for our business.

By: Linda Chen

Philip & Kevin were exactly the agents I needed to make the dream of selling my house a reality. For many different reasons, getting my property ready for sale was both logistically and psychologically overwhelming. Kevin had great insight on strategic ways to prepare the property and was a highly competent project manager. Philip brought with him a roster of excellent tradespeople to deal with planned and unexpected repairs. Unlike some agents I have worked with, they really listened to my goals, values and concerns. This rare combination of sales skills, efficiency and respect are what make them outstanding agents whom I would not hesitate to recommend.

By: Carole Jackson

This teams knowledge of the real estate market in the area was in depth. They are hardworking and thorough agents who explained to us the process step-by-step. I've owned and sold houses over the years but their attention to detail and commitment in a caring and supportive way was a new and amazing experience. Thanks! Philip is actually a big part of our 'retirement story' as our journey started with selling our home in Toronto to move to Fort Erie. At a 'soiree' the team had he introduced us to two lovely folks who live out in our new area - who've become good friends and have him to thank for that too!

By: Suzanne & Brad

Philip was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He went above and beyond in terms of doing his research about neighborhoods, streets and properties, and he was always thinking about value. With Philip's advice and support, we bought a gorgeous house in the perfect neighborhood, and it has been a great fit for us. Philip's recommendations with our renovations post-sale have also been invaluable. We will continue to recommend Philip to our friends and family.

By: Sherry Kerr & Jeff Zohrab

Philip was a fantastic help for us as we bought our home. He explained the byzantine contracts and procedures to us thoroughly and succinctly, and the level of his knowledge was impressive on every aspect of real estate, from house inspections to wiring and heating to market volatility. He made a number of helpful observations and suggestions for our property, and offered some proven contacts for our future house work. Philip also handled a tight negotiation with aplomb and we were very happy with the outcome. Beyond his obvious professional qualifications, he is also extremely personable and genuine, and was a pleasure to deal with.

By: Victoria & Kevin www.bombwellness.com

We enlisted Philip to find the perfect space for our business, BOMB Wellness. We were opening a business for the first time and had never rented commercially. Philip knew the difference from renting residentially and led us through the process from prospecting to finalizing the deal. Philip's knowledge of the Danforth area enabled us to pick a location that fit within our budget while reaching our target market. His professionalism andnegotiating skills helped us secure a fair rental price and we are very grateful for his services. We are very excited to bring fitness to this part of the neighbourhood and be part of the community!

By: Suzanne K.

You are part agent, part comic, and part therapist. A perfect combination for us!

By: Rod and Karine

We are very happy with the outcome. Philip is great to work with and a real businessman who fought for us to get the best deal. His expert knowledge of renovations provided amazing value. We very highly recommend Philip as a Realtor to all of our friends!

By: Peter Bruce Gick

One of the most honest and trustworthy people I know, Philip’s performance as my Realtor far exceeded my expectations. He is knowledgeable and works at standards far above what the industry requires. He is patient, an excellent negotiator, good at communicating the facts, and assertive when need be. His analytical proficiency will undoubtedly save you time and money. Philip is always available and willing to communicate by phone, email and in person. In difficult circumstances he is friendly, calm, and forthright. When the opportunity next arises, I will definitely enlist Philip again as my Realtor.

By: Sherry Kerr

Philip sold my condominium (in record time) and was instrumental in getting the price I was looking for... but more importantly in understanding what type of client I was and so what type of sales "strategy" fit me best. He has handled everything so effortlessly well that it has made what could have been (and I imagine generally is) an extremely stressful situation very manageable. Philip walked me through every step of the process and has given me invaluable advice.

By: Jan Kotowski & Karine Ottawa

We spent six months unsuccessfully looking for a house with another Realtor before switching to Philip. Once we switched, we landed a house that met all of our must-have's within two weeks. Philip was crucial in the price negotiation. Buying property in Toronto can be a stressful and unpredictable situation but with Philip’s guidance, we were able to buy a home not only that met our criteria, but also turned out to be a great financial investment.

By: Amanda Matejicek & John Smids

Working with Philip and Linda on the sale of our first home and purchase of our second home was a great experience. Philip has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the real estate business and was able to connect with our vision for our second fixer-upper and gave us practical advice and guidance throughout our property search. He was able to help us see greater long-term value in potential renovations and negotiated an excellent deal on our second home. Linda and Philip were a great team in helping us sell our first home. They gave us great suggestions for staging our home to help bring out the best of the work we had done. Their marketing and sales strategy was highly effective in getting us top dollar in a short period of time. We look forward to working with Philip again on our next real estate adventure.

By: Monica S.

I highly recommend Philip Kocev to anyone for their real estate needs. I was planning on selling my condo, to purchase a larger more expensive one and it was vital that I get the most money out of my sale. The first agent I met with suggested a much lower listing price than what Philip ultimately ended up selling my condo for - a $30,000+ difference that was money I really needed in my move up the real estate ladder. In addition, my place sold in just two days and for above asking! What I really appreciated about Philip was the fact that he understood the unique qualities of my property. There were really no direct units with which to compare mine to, as my building is quite unique. Philip understood this, and was also willing to try listing it higher and to see what happened, even if it meant more time and more work for him. It was greatly appreciated. In addition, I also found Philip to be extremely knowledgable, helpful, and available to me during the entire process, including giving me advice on my new purchase (which was a private sale). I would definitely use Philip's services in future, and highly recommend him whenever I have the opportunity.

By: Carol & Ernie Albright

From sorting through 100+ years of memories to preparing our home visually, Philip and his team of experts were a tremendous asset and made this emotional transition a smooth experience. Philip expertly walked us through each step of the transaction and his knowledge and organized approach simplified both the disposition of the contents and the preparation of the house for sale. We highly recommend Philip and team to anyone considering the purchase or sale of a property.

By: Sarah (& Brian) Appio-Steane

As first time home buyers we didn’t quite know what to expect when looking for a home. Linda and Philip made this experience very enjoyable for us. With the knowledge Linda has after years of experience as a Realtor she was able to give us lots of information and helpful tips for us to focus on when house hunting. She listened to what we were looking for and what we wanted in our first home, and showed us houses that suited our needs. This ultimately lead us to the purchase of our first home, which we are still in. We are extremely happy with our decision and thankful for all the advice and guidance that Linda and Philip provided throughout the entire experience. We would highly recommend them as Realtors to anyone!

By: Diana & Patrick Church

Working with Philip was a great experience. His expertise in real estate and the market were key in; Selling our place, quickly and at our ideal closing date and finding our new property, in a location we wanted and within our budget. He was very patient with us as well as remarkably prompt in answering any questions we had. He was also essential in aiding us with suggestions and skilled labourers for some of our renovations. Phiip's knowledge of the East York area was the key to finding us a beautiful home for our growing family.

By: Wendy & Dave

If I could only make one comment, it would be that, “Philip and team made us feel like we were their most important client. They could not do enough for us in providing direction and oversight of the services that we would need to prepare our home and in helping to guide and protect us through the whole selling process, ultimately negotiating an outstanding sale. Thank you both!" David and I want to take this opportunity and thank you for all of your hard work on the sale of the house. I do not think we would have ended up with the same great results without your guidance. As David said, and I agree, the amount of time you spent in helping us through what can be a very stressful time is much appreciated. I know that there are probably some real estate agents who do very little to earn their commission but you are both far from that group. Your full service is worth full commission; you deserve every dollar for your physical efforts in staging and preparing our home, and your intellectual and strategic skills in guiding us through the process and negotiating an outstanding offer. You mentioned agents viewing the house said they appreciated that the house was “exactly as advertised”, and that is what I would say about your services; you followed through and delivered on each and every one of your promises. I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

By: Antonia C. & Adam C.

Philip and his team are amazing agents...they found us our home in our desired neighbourhood and within our budget. Both are very knowledgeable, they know their stuff when it comes to real-estate. They went through our house, and every house we looked at with a fine tooth comb, then guided us in making the biggest purchase of our lives. Philip and Kevin are exceptionally honest and trustworthy. They made us feel like family and looked after our best interest first. We will continue to use them for future real estate investments and always refer them to family and friends.

By: Ali T.

I truly could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience then what I had with Beacon Real Estate Team. Not only was my point person and lead listing agent attentive, organized, and professional, but he was also entirely compassionate when it came to the sale of my first home; as was the entire team. Trustworthy and patient, I knew that the team was working both for us AND with us. I felt entirely confident with their actions throughout this surprisingly speedy process. Our listing agent was especially productive and professional. Additionally, Philip Kocev was encouraging and provided sincere guidance at key moments which made me feel comfortable; something all owners need when it comes to moving on from our homes. Both are well versed with the surrounding neighbourhoods and activity within the area. Beacon Team staged our home perfectly, using our own goods as well as fun, modern and elegant pieces that completed the look. The team was able to answer all questions immediately and always available. I would recommend Beacon Real Estate Team to anyone who is looking for Real estate services that are timely, responsible, professional and absolutely personable. An absolute pleasure to work with and I honestly would not change a thing about the process! I truly could not be more thankful for their services and friendship.

By: Jonathan P.

Selling your home is one of the most disruptive events one can go through in life. Beyond the emotional strain, it’s a process that adds an overwhelming list of tasks to an already stretched schedule, leaving you doubtful it will ever get done. The decision to sell my home came at a difficult time in my life and I dreaded the road ahead. Where do I even begin? Enter Beacon Real Estate Team who walked me through the paperwork and prepared me for what to expect. The process was laid out in a way that I could understand, with the tasks clearly outlined and the timeframe set. The lines of communication were wide open and I knew my team was just on the other end of the phone if I needed advice, direction or assistance with anything. They brought in a team to handle the initial preparations including drywall repair and painting. They personally handled the staging process, rearranging furniture and adding touches that brightened my home. At the end of the flurry of activity, I was left house-proud and grateful for their dedication and commitment to readying it for the market. It was nothing short of astonishing. These guys took a strategic approach when it was time to list, maximizing our chance of getting our asking price and closing with an offer significantly higher than expected. Without the expert guidance, selling my home would have been an arduous and daunting endeavour. Instead, I find myself looking back on the entire experience with fondness – grateful to have had their support from day one. The impeccable service even continued post-sale, making themselves available for anything we needed and making it obvious that we weren’t “just another client”. I know a lot of Real Estate agents, but I know of none that I would trust and respect as much as Beacon Team. I suppose it goes without saying that I would recommend choosing Beacon Real Estate Team to handle your affairs. A warm, heartfelt thank you to Philip, Lorand, Nancy and Team for taking time away from their loved ones to help us sell our home.

By: Nicole Brazier Fries & Matthew Fries

Trustworthy, personable, intelligent, patient are all words that come to mind when we think of Philip. Prior to meeting him, our experience with realtors had been stressful at best. Through our two year journey around popular locations in Toronto Philip provided us with his knowledge of the Toronto real estate market and advice on renovations. With just a phone call or email away, Philip always seemed to have a smile on his face when he answered our multitude of questions. In the end, his insight on the condo market and intuition on housing prices garnered us an amazing selling price on our condo and a manageable purchase price for a beautiful home in our dream neighbourhood.

By: Andrea Lorenzon

As a first time home buyer, I was a bit overwhelmed by everything that I needed to know. I wasn’t sure what to look for, or where to begin looking. Lorand helped me through every step of the way. He was readily available to me any time I needed. Working with Lorand made me feel very comfortable that my best interests were being looked after. He demonstrated knowledge and confidence throughout the entire process. Looking for your first home can be overwhelming, as you might not know exactly what you’re looking for. Lorand showed me multiple units, weighed the pros and cons of each. When I finally settled on a condo I liked, we were met with a very difficult seller. Lorand used his negotiation skills to work with the seller for a price that was agreeable for both of us, and under the asking price. I was thoroughly impressed by his professionalism, patience and interpersonal skills that he used to close this deal. I would recommend Lorand and the Beacon Team to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, friendly real estate team who will take the time to understand your specific needs as a buyer or seller. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I am looking forward to working with Lorand again in the future.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!